Carré Russe is a sharp selection of scarves, stoles and home ACCESSORIES.
Our PHILOSOPHY : promotting INDEPENDANTS DESIGNERS that tell stories, and prefer small and LOCAL PRODUCTION.
Our MOTTO : RUSSIAN CULTURE, in a spirit combining MODERNITY, HUMOUR and a tip of FRENCH ART LIVING.

Recently, the GAME EXTENDED to a new field with the openning of the LIFESTYLE CORNER.
Illustrations, photographies, small products and accessories FOR YOUR HOME, our creative designers have a lot of GREAT IDEAS and we are here to support them and offer them the visibility THEY DESERVE.


The story started in 2010, LAURENCE Pipon was offering the expatriate community of MOSCOW the creations of her two friends: scarves and stoles, in SILK, inspired by RUSSIAN themes. Starting from a playful idea, the exercise quickly met a GREAT SUCCESS, and the clientele extended to the Russian PUBLIC, THEY REACTED WITH a great enthisiasm and curiosity to this FOCUS on their CULTURE.

Carré Russe now represents 8 brands, each DESIGNER tells us a different story of Russia, combining VISUALS and elements of culture, with the famous FRENCH SILK SCARF, they invent for us a new "FASHION language" without borders.
With the Lifestyle corner, new ARTISTS have joined us, they capture images, photos they divert and rework on different objects and accessories of our daily LIFE.


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Finding us is easy, we are very responding ;)
tél/WhatsApp: +7 (916) 336 14 99
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You have a question?

We tried to answer to any of your questions about the operation of Carré Russe in the site's sections
If you have any other questions or if you wish to give us your opinion? Great ! We are keen of any ideas or comments ... especially if they are positives, but not only !!!
Send us a note, or call us
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tél/WhatsApp: +7 (916) 336 14 99
tél/WhatsApp: +7 (925) 491 49 13
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Recommendations for cleaning

Our scarves are all made of natural materials, and the prints are often ink jet print. Please, never put into the washing machine your pretty silk scarf, its quality won't survive !!! same thing with all other materials, only DRY CEAN is recommended for all textile products.
For all other items from the Lifestyle collection, we recommend to choose mild and non-abrasive detergents, and always test it on a small not visible part before using it.

Where are the products made?

We receive collections "ready to use", the manufacture is the choice of the designer and the brand.
But we value brands that are committed to produce in respect of people and environment, and who value quality and artisanal knowledge more than quantity.
For some of our designers, the "made in Russia" is a choice, for others the Italian quality is an important criteria, finally some choose to preserve a local craft handmade.
They all choose the singularity of small and exclusives series.

Est-il possible d’échanger un produit déjà acheté?

Un produit peut être échangé par un produit du même prix ou plus cher et de la même marque.
Le remboursement n'est pas possible.
mail: contact@carrerusse.com.
tél/WhatsApp: +7916 336 14 99

Est-que vous avez des emballages?

Chaque designer a son emballage personnalisé. Pour un emballage individuel contactez nous
mail: contact@carrerusse.com.
tél/WhatsApp: +7916 336 14 99

Comment sont fixés les prix

Les transactions se font en roubles sur le territoire russe, les prix sont fixés par la marque, en roubles ou en euros, et ils suivent le taux de change selon ces critères.
Pour les achats hors Russie, les prix peuvent etre fixés en euros ou en dollars, selon le taux de change du jour de la transaction. le règlement se fait par Paypal.

Est- ce que une commande personnalisée est possible?

Une commande personnalisée doit inclure un minimum de 60 à 100 pièces à la taille à la couleur, et un delai de 4-6 mois, selon la marque.
Elle fait l'objet d'une transaction particulière dont les details doivent etre négociés individuellement.
mail: contact@carrerusse.com.
tél/WhatsApp: +7916 336 14 99


The thread of our history is there, in the unique, the rare, the secret talent of the creative craftsmen. With them the small square of our daily life is filled with colors and inspired drawings.

Carré Russe now represents 9 designers, all telling a different story of the Great Russia of yesterday, today and tomorrow, a story that adapts images and elements of culture with the famous silk square “à la francaise”

Finally … here we come out of the beaten path!

The new Lifestyle Corner widens the playground to other artists, they capture images, photos, rework and divert them for use on decorative objects, and accessories of our everyday life.

And here it is, there is now for all tastes!

Great! I can try it at home

It is often difficult to choose, especially if you want to match your purchase to your outfit, check the color, or just that these tones are fit you. Carré Russe thought of you, the option “try on mode” allows you to choose several scarves and try them and if you do not like it, you just pay the delivery (380 rub).

and this option applies to all small accessories 😉

Don’t move, be happy

Morning express delivery : delivery to the address you choose  from 10.00 to 13.00 – additional fee of 500 rub

Afternoon express delivery : delivery to the address you choose from 14.00 to 17.00 – additional fee of 500 rub

Evening express delivery:  delivery to the address you choose from 18.00 to 21.00 – additional fee of 500 rub

And also

Self delivery: Come to our address to pick up the goods or send your driver


+7 916 336 14 99 
+7 (925) 491 49 13


And if I change my mind?

Exchange & return: a product can be exchanged for a product of the same price or more expensive, within the limit of 15 days from the date of purchase, after this period the exchange can only be done within the same brand.
Refund is not possible.





+7 916 336 14 99 
+7 (925) 491 49 13

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