Arabesque scrunchy random colour

Material: Cotton, Linnen
Size: 12 cm
In stock
950 ₽

Резинка для волос из натурального хлопка и льна с принтом Arabesque, вдохновленным силуэтами балерин. Обратите внимание, что Random colour (случайный цвет) означает, что при заказе вы получите резинку того цвета, который есть в наличии. Если вам нужен определенный цвет, то укажите это в примечании к доставке.


Graduated from HEC, I worked for 20 years for UBS and the big Russian state bank Sberbank. A mysterious disease: in 1998, exhausted, a wise doctor advised me to take care of my other hemisphere.I decided to take painting classes. Lunches with Michel Houellebecq and learning to write: in 2010, after the release of “the map and the territory”, I realized the portrait of Michel, I send a letter to his editor, for him in make a gift, and Michel tells me that he likes to receive gifts and offers a lunch at the Grande Cascade. Since then, we meet every 6 months and have lunch hare at the royal watered Meursault. Our correspondence approaches 500 pages. The trip to Moscow and the discovery of ballet: before 2008 I had never been to see a ballet. Moscow allowed me to discover this art, and ballet allowed me to understand Russia. The meeting with Diana Vishneva and the miracle of grace: I painted and “cut” 70 times.