Goose down headscarf

Material: Polyester, Вискоза, Гусиный пух
Size: 150х75х75 cm
Available for pre-order
13 500 ₽

The author brand ORNAMENTY was founded in St. Petersburg in 2008 by Lyuba Teptsova, a philologist, designer and researcher of ornament. Luba creates clothes, accessories, jewellery, interior and other items, always decorated with ornamentation. The basic idea of the brand is that ornament is a text in which every line has a meaning. Created with care and attention, it has the power to change this world for the better. 

"The future is impossible in isolation from the past. Only a reliance on tradition and a qualitative interpretation of it can produce a living and relevant result. Everything else is doomed to oblivion. That is why my work is based on ornament, which is the oldest visual art in the world". 

For over 13 years, Luba has studied ornament through the prism of various sciences, from history and anthropology to physics and psychology. Based on her knowledge, Luba creates patterns-texts filled with simple and clear meanings. The fabrics with these patterns become luxurious garments, and the meanings of the patterns are revealed by Luba in her blog, lectures and workshops. This is how the brand's core mission of reviving ornament as a language in people's minds is brought to life.