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Matriochka en Coupoles bleues

Material: Polypropylene
Size: H:9,5 x D:11 cm
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Mini lampshade with the image of a matryoshka consisting of the dome of St. Basil's Cathedral.


Patricia der Megreditchian, designer of Icône Galerie

Patricia works in the technique of collage using her own photographs. The source of inspiration -images borrowed by artist from classical Russian and Soviet cultures.

The photomontages made in the style of “kaleidoscope-mirror” have interesting symbolic and philosophical meaning. In the opinion of the artist post-soviet Russia lends itself particularly to this playful and decorative interpretation. Many symbols have lost their initial context and the goal of the artist is exactly to perceive the beauty of pure forms devoid of historical and symbolical meaning.

The created works are printed on silk scarves,shawls and neckpieces but also available in various fashion accessories for home. These unique and modern gifts are made in Russia with a “French touch”.