Moscow Euphoria

Material: Ink on canvas
Size: 40х150 cm
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128 000 ₽

In her work, the artist conveys a special feeling of Moscow through the cityscape in an incredibly deep purple hue. Work made in 2015.


Born in 1976, grew up in France surrounded by artists since her grandmother Elisabeth de La Mauvinière, her grandfather Jean Deville, her mother were painters or engravers. She has worked in Cambodia, Sudan and Russia where she lives and creates.

I am interested in all urban environments, their aesthetics, the standardized nature of new housing construction, their form of depressing alienation. These elements of architecture are so common and invisible in the landscape, that sometimes I make appear the color or relief.

I pay attention to all the elements of the space whose factories abandoned or in operation, power plants, power lines. I study contemporary ruins, like a modern-day anthropologist who is interested in neglected civilizations destroyed by utopia and unfulfilled promises. I am also interested in the theme of open and closed worlds, border territories or bordering, restricted and liberated territories.