Space Amazons

Material: Wood
Size: 75х75 cm
Available for pre-order
115 000 ₽

Wooden star with the image of sluices, handmade by the artist.


The magic format of Stas Tratsevsky.
What do the World and the Artist owe each other? Can they exist without touching each other? Can an artist create from only matter?
A craftsman creates from pure matter, art is the highlight of the World, the World and the Artist must adorn each other.
Who are we and why are we here? Do we know, do we feel our Earth, are we grateful to it? Do we know how to express our gratitude with dignity? It is not enough to formulate in words, to say thank you for being here. For walking along wide avenues decorated with facades of different styles: from a tower to an Empire style, from a hut to a skyscraper, from a log wall to mirrored glass. The environment created by the struggle; a struggle born of an idea! Russia is the intersection of civilizations. For this we say thank you, take the first small step in order to start expressing our gratitude for real.
An artist is stronger than a craftsman in that he is free to mix styles and eras, images and ideas, reality and magic on his palette. Make the symbol a format and fill it with life.
The brush is like a magic wand, an attractive, amazing aesthetics arises in the magic field. What else can you expect from an artist who connects different dimensions? Comics and monument, ideal and imperative, sweet and sophisticated – all these are dice in the hands of Stas Tratsevsky. A talented and energetic artist who for many years worked only for a narrow elite circle, partially familiar to the general public from the Forbes Russia Golden Hundred …
An artist born in the USSR, who has absorbed the aesthetics of a country of enthusiasts and pioneers, brave explorers, and daring dreamers. The author’s nostalgia for his childhood is reflected in his works, created on the verge of: myth and reality, memories and foresight, elitism and elitism – this is it, the space of merging of opposites, the point of finding harmony. Here it is – the Magic of Art!
Space and eroticism, aviation and a tractor, fantasies and achievements are fused here. Here the soul and imagination are able to go on a fascinating journey, to see oneself from the outside and from the inside. They will laugh at their shortcomings, admire their successes.
Universal windows for positive meditation. Look in them – rest and concentrate, remember and dream. Just like an artist – keep creating!