Table accessories


Material: Linnen
Size: 40х66 cm
In stock
7 500 ₽

Table nappkin made of vintage linen, painted with flowers and with manual prints.


If you are born by the sea or practically from it), then the strength of the internal volcanoes, seas and tsunami is definitely very serious. and the depth to which you want to dive increases with each swim. and the abundance of nature in every yard, when the asphalt is black-and-purple from mulberry and the air saturated with acacia bloom is more like honey. when all days are sunny, even when it rains. this light and color permeates the whole being and then inevitably embodies in patterns and fabrics. so I paint plants, because Nature is my main teacher. and if I add a bit of paint to the kerchief, Plants always come out for me as a tuning fork. For five years now I have been studying the interaction of fabric and natural pigments. I experiment every day and every coloring is always a surprise, a gift, a lesson for me. in my fabrics and shawls, I combine various natural dyeing techniques, eco-print, cyanotype, print, embroidery, drawings and a little witchcraft)

– Anna Altabaeva