Large squares

Chokolad korobka molochniy

Material: Wool
Size: 135x135 cm
Available for pre-order
29 500 ₽

Standard square, capsule collection to celebrate the collaboration with the Moscow Chocolate Fair 2018, Ariadna Cherkasova is inspired by the designs of old boxes of Russian chocolates.


Ariadna Cherkasova, the founder of La Moscovite brand, creates designer collections of Russian folk culture-themed silk shawls. Educated as historian and ethnographer, she has participated in numerous field trips, becoming intimately familiar with the villagers’ life-style.

Veritable treasures can be found in old wooden houses: grandmothers’ olden chests and wonderfully painted spinning-wheels. Galloping horses and deer – slanting rain of patterns – it all intertwines in a fancy, ethereal image where singing rivers and fields of our ancient homeland come to life.

Authentic folk ornaments, ancient church murals, and elegant miniature paintings from manuscripts became an inexhaustible mine of inspiration for La Moscovite.

The brand creators are committed to preserve the unique beauty of folk ornamental arts and share it, shown in bright colours on natural silk, with the whole world.