Large squares

Palekh horse on red cotton & silk

Material: 130x130 см
Size: Хлопок, Шелк
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18 000 ₽

Inspired by the Palekh lacquer miniature. A special place in the lacquer miniature is occupied by the image of a horse-assistant and companion, a character of Pushkin's fairy tales, a Russian bird- troika.

The scarf depicts a magnificent stately horse korennik- the central onein a team, leading three horses at a fast trot. The scarf is designed by the artist Angelina Malysheva and the Palekh workshops of Alexander Gusakovsky.



ANGELINA MALYSHEVA ia a new luxury accessories brand.

It’s collection includes silk shawls for women and scarves for men with the author’s
original and individual prints, functional and stylish travel accessories sets and
household accessories that suit any interior with their bright natural colors.
All items are created on the sketches of the artist fashion designer and the founder
of the eponymous brand Angelina Malysheva. The brand is characterized by avant-
garde and eclectic style rooted in reinterpreted old Russian colorful motifs, the history and cultural heritage of the country.


Creation of high quality and exclusive accessories made in Russia with authentic
prints filled with philosophy and folk motifs, from traditional Russian patterns and
colorful matryoshkas to a avant-garde motifs of Revolution and space dogs Belka and Strelka.


Any accessories can be made with personalization-business gifts, corporate
souvenirs, as well as individual items with company logo or initials.
Exclusive shawls and scarves made of pure silk and wool in different variations :
St. Basil’s Carhedral’s murals ornaments, fabulous Syrin birds, industrial motifs of Revolution and ruby Kremlin Victory stars.

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