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Metro Mayakovskaya

Material: Silk
Size: 90х90 cm
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12 200 ₽

Square scarf, inspired by the architecture of the metro station Mayakovskay, projet de l'architecte Alexeï Douchkine, décoré de mosaïques d'Alexandre Deïneka. Named in tribute to the Soviet poet Vladimir Mayakovsky. It was put into service on September 11, 1938.  


Who would have thought that an IT specialist would find his passion in textile design, that he would be able to tell what attracted and interested him from his very childhood : windows of old datchas, linnen with Slavic patterns that he saw at his grandmother’s. The boy has grown up, but his heart cherished these warm memories from childhood, which can find an echo in other people.

The designer works with photographs, drawings, experimenting with various programs and processing, breathes life into them, which he sees with his unique fresh and coloful eye, life is light and playful – like the style of his work.