Graduated from HEC, I worked for 20 years for UBS and the big Russian state bank Sberbank. A mysterious disease: in 1998, exhausted, a wise doctor advised me to take care of my other hemisphere.I decided to take painting classes. Lunches with Michel Houellebecq and learning to write: in 2010, after the release of “the map and the territory”, I realized the portrait of Michel, I send a letter to his editor, for him in make a gift, and Michel tells me that he likes to receive gifts and offers a lunch at the Grande Cascade. Since then, we meet every 6 months and have lunch hare at the royal watered Meursault. Our correspondence approaches 500 pages. The trip to Moscow and the discovery of ballet: before 2008 I had never been to see a ballet. Moscow allowed me to discover this art, and ballet allowed me to understand Russia. The meeting with Diana Vishneva and the miracle of grace: I painted and “cut” 70 times.


The thread of our history is there, in the unique, the rare, the secret talent of the creative craftsmen. With them the small square of our daily life is filled with colors and inspired drawings.

Carré Russe now represents 9 designers, all telling a different story of the Great Russia of yesterday, today and tomorrow, a story that adapts images and elements of culture with the famous silk square “à la francaise”

Finally … here we come out of the beaten path!

The new Lifestyle Corner widens the playground to other artists, they capture images, photos, rework and divert them for use on decorative objects, and accessories of our everyday life.

And here it is, there is now for all tastes!

Great! I can try it at home

It is often difficult to choose, especially if you want to match your purchase to your outfit, check the color, or just that these tones are fit you. Carré Russe thought of you, the option “try on mode” allows you to choose several scarves and try them and if you do not like it, you just pay the delivery (380 rub).

and this option applies to all small accessories 😉

Don’t move, be happy

Morning express delivery : delivery to the address you choose  from 10.00 to 13.00 – additional fee of 500 rub

Afternoon express delivery : delivery to the address you choose from 14.00 to 17.00 – additional fee of 500 rub

Evening express delivery:  delivery to the address you choose from 18.00 to 21.00 – additional fee of 500 rub

And also

Self delivery: Come to our address to pick up the goods or send your driver

+7 916 336 14 99 
+7 (925) 491 49 13


And if I change my mind?

Exchange & return: a product can be exchanged for a product of the same price or more expensive, within the limit of 15 days from the date of purchase, after this period the exchange can only be done within the same brand.
Refund is not possible.




+7 916 336 14 99 
+7 (925) 491 49 13

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